N’oublions jamais que le vin est la mémoire du raisin, alors soignons notre terre.
Domaine des noisetiers

We are driven by agriculture, plain and simple, more precisely “agro-ecology”. We respect nature, the earth and the men who walk upon it.

We work each day to protect and develop the bio-diversity and the fertility of the soils, in order to produce unique wines reflecting the character of their terroirs.

In expressing the originality and uniqueness of place, thanks to a viticulture which is artisanal and sincere, we seek elegance and purity of fruit of the fabulous Gamay varietal, planted on granitic soil.

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Originally from Burgundy, Julien Sunier worked in vineyards and cellars throughout the world for 10 years. In 2003, he chose Beaujolais and its fabulous terroirs as home.

In 2005, purchased an old farm, “La Ferme des Noisetiers”, in the charming village of Avenas. The farm is made up of 14 acres at the edge of the forest and at 750 meters in altitude, overlooks the crus of Beaujolais.

In 2008, Julien founded his own winery, making a long-time dream a reality. The first year the domaine cultivated just 4.5 acres of vines and has since grown to cover 10 acres between the three appellations of Morgon, Fleurie and Régnié, all in organic cultivation.

Julien Sunier

At 750m in altitude, this 19th century farm lies between forest and meadow. It is a treasure of biodiversity and boasts an exceptional panorama overlooking the “haut Beaujolais.”

Originally, the buildings were intended uniquely for the production of cereals, but the farmers cultivated 2 acres of vines and also vinified these grapes.

In order to optimize the raising of wines, we have constructed a wooden framed winery and dug out of the ground a cave for aging the wines in wooden vats.

La ferme des noisetiers La ferme des noisetiers La ferme des noisetiers La ferme des noisetiers La ferme des noisetiers
“Aujourd’hui, J’aime produire des vins natures, des vins vivants et digestes.”

Fiche technique - Morgon - Julien Sunier

The grapes, issued from old vines, come from several parcels of sanded granitic soil in the lieux-dits (named parcels)  les Charmes and Corcelette, both situated at an elevation of 250 and 400 meters respectively.

Our Morgon, generous and round, offers notes of black cherry and spice. The palate is ample posessing silky tannins.

«  Long comme un jour sans Morgon »

Dany Soulier

Morgon - Julien Sunier

Fiche technique - Morgon - Julien Sunier

This spendid vineyard of 2.4 hectares bears the name of « Niagara » and forms an amphitheater, exposed to the south east and southwest at 470 meters of altitude. It posesses a grand biodiversity being encircled both by forest and meadow and rests on granite mother rock. It’s slope is steep and thus can not be worked mechanically. The work must be done manually with a pickax which guarantees that those who work here stay in top physical condition.

Raised such as a Grand Cru from Burgundy, this seductive Fleurie is noteable for its purity, with a nose of violet flowers, iris, wild strawberry and red fruits. On the palate, it is the freshness which is notable carrying along minerality from its place of origin.

This wine will benefit from several years of aging to arrive at its best expression.

« Qui boit Fleurie, contente chérie ! »

Fleurie - Julien Sunier

Fiche technique - Morgon - Julien Sunier

Situated at the bottom of the celebrated Côte du Py at the edge of the Morgon appellation, this parcel of 1.1 hectares of old vines is planted in sandy granitic soil in the lieux-dit En Oeillat and reaches the best expression from this lesser known of the Cru Beaujolais villages.

One month less time aging of this wine as compared to the other two wines from the domaine, it  knows well to be a wine of conviviality and pleasure.

The nose is dominated by orchard peach followed by a palate posessing velvety tannins. It’s mission :  to play upon the tastebuds with savory notes from the day’s first taste of charcuterie.

« Régnié dans le gosier, jeunesse retrouvée »

Reigné - Julien Sunier

Fiche technique - Wild Soul - Julien Sunier

Texte à venir

« Régnié dans le gosier, jeunesse retrouvée »

Reigné - Julien Sunier

« To consider each individual vine as a unique , living individual. »

Organic agriculture has been put in place for the totality of the domaine since its creation with six acres of vines are certified « AB » (agriculture biologique), 4 additional acres are in organic conversion, and the remaining 10 acres are meadow.

All chemical, synthetic fertilizer and herbicide are banished: we prefer to stimulate the microbiological life, with the contributions of composted fertilizer. The soils are plowed and turned over at specific times throughout the growing season. Each year we assemble teas and fermented extracts which are based on plants taken from the farm, such as nettle, eagle fern and horsetail which reinforce the vine’s natural defenses.

From Morgon to Fleurie crossing Régnié.

The vines extend on 10 acres and three appellations :

Fleurie 1,85 ha

lieu dit : Charbonnières,
la Tonne

Morgon 1.95 ha

lieux dits : Corcelette,
Py, Charmes,

Regnie 3 ha

lieu dit : en Oeillat,
les Forchets, basse ronze


Here, wine is made with raisins and not with oeneological products.

The harvest date is a decisive moment which will determine the quality of the finished wine. Therefore, we harvest when the grape is completely ripe and mature. The harvest is conducted entirely by hand and a careful selection is done in the vineyard, before each vine, so that only the grape bunches which will go into the tank are returned to the winery. Each transport bin is large as well as shallow so that grapes are not crushed in transit.

The whole grape clusters are loaded into the tanks by gravity and saturated with inert gas CO2 in order to begin the alcoholic fermentation in an anaerobic state. This choice will lend a crunchy, savory quality to the wines. Once the tanks are full, in order to begin the fermentation slowly, a gently foot crushing is applied with care. After one to three weeks of fermentation at low temperatures, the raisins are manually removed from the tank, without the aid of pump, and the juice drains from the solids slowly, during 24 hours, in a vertical wooden basket press. Once racked from the fermentation tanks, the wines are aged on their fine lees in oak barrels of 228 litres, average age of 10 years, from 8 to 10 months.

The wines are racked from barrel and blended in tank for a period of one month before being bottling at the domaine.

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